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"I wanted this setting, to be flexible enough to accommodate many worship settings… whether it be a small chapel or a spacious cathedral” —Dan Schutte
Enter more deeply into the mystery of Christ featuring beautiful melodies that will quickly become like old friends, Mass of Christ the Savior invites us to enter more deeply into the mystery of Christ each time we celebrate Mass. The arrangement lends itself to a single singer and guitar or SAB choir, organ, and added instruments.
Containing updated texts for the Lamb of God, the expanded edition of this widely used setting offers a masterful wedding of music and text to inspire your parish. Discover a variety of expanded material “Living Streams,” easily learned by the assembly for the Sprinkling Rite, which builds with intensity each time it’s sung.
In addition to the original Glory to God with refrain, Dan includes a new through-composed option. The elegant Universal Prayer is an accessible way to sing the Prayers of the Faithful each Sunday or for special celebrations during the year.
Eucharistic Prayer II gives presiders a melodic chant setting for the summit of the liturgy. Enjoy musical settings for every Dialogue In Sing to the Lord, the U.S. bishops’ instructions to liturgical musicians state that “Dialogues and Acclamations” are given the highest priority in the sung part of the liturgy.
From the Introductory Dialogue to the Final Blessing and Dismissal, this expanded edition provides settings for each dialogue, creating a more engaging interaction between the priest and congregation to encourage full, conscious, and active participation.
Tracks: Introductory Dialogue | Song for Sprinkling Rite | Penitential Act with Invocations | Lord, Have Mercy | Kyrie, Eleison | Glory to God (with Refrains) | Glory to God (Through Composed) | Dialogue after the First Reading | Lenten Gospel Acclamation | Gospel Acclamation: Alleluia | Dialogue before the Gospel Reading | Dialogue after the Gospel Reading | Universal Prayer (Prayers of the Faithful) | Preface Dialogue | Preface | Eucharistic Prayer II (Part 1)| Mystery of Faith: We Proclaim Your Death | Mystery of Faith: When We Eat This Bread | Mystery of Faith: Save Us, Savior | Eucharistic Prayer (Part 2) | Doxology and Amen | Lamb of God | Final Blessing and Dismissal


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To listen to each individual tract, click here. Look to the right on the landing page for Songs In This Collection. Click on each individual green arrow to listen to that particular tract or click on the links below:


Lord, Have Mercy


Glory to God






Mystery of Faith




Lamb of God

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